About Barrett

Expansion and Innovation – the hallmarks of Barrett Industries

In the 1850s, our founder, Samuel E. Barrett, saw the need for new and innovative solutions for America’s burgeoning system of roadways. Throughout our more than 150-year history, his innovative spirit has driven Barrett Industries’ ongoing efforts to meet the needs of our customers. We are proud to always rise to the challenge, whether it involves paving an Interstate, constructing a new regional airport, or finding ways to preserve the country’s four million miles of paved highways.

Today, Barrett Industries is a family of subsidiary companies that work together to provide diverse solutions to our customers’ paving and construction issues. Our employees, including our in-house research teams, fleet drivers, manufacturing professionals, and sales force, are committed to meeting customers’ needs and providing products and services that are unmatched.

Barrett Industries is a subsidiary of Colas USA, the worldwide leader in transportation infrastructure construction and maintenance.

Our Mission

Barrett Industries Corporation upholds the highest standards of Safety, Environmental Stewardship and Ethical Conduct. We provide advanced solutions for our customer’s needs while having a positive impact in our local communities and generating sustainable growth and long-term value for our shareholders. Our mission is to strengthen and grow our infrastructure products and services by empowering and developing our people, fostering innovation, utilizing new technology and maximizing vertical integration at all levels of the Company’s value chain.